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P28 High Protein Nachos – Recipe

Dr. Approved Nachos!!!!!

You’ve got to check out this awesome P28 Protein Nachos & Chocolate Dip recipe from the one and only, Dr. Sara Solomon! View full recipe here:

Nutritional Facts:
Calories: 400
Fat: 8.4g
Carbs: 38.6g
Protein: 41.4g


P28 Egg & Cheese Bread Recipe

Check out this amazing P28 Egg/Cheese Bread Recipe!
258 Calories, 13g Fat, 12g Carbs, and 25g Protein

Video Link:

Website Link:

This recipe is courtesy of Protein Pow!

Even the Kiddo’s Can’t Get Enough P28

Doesn’t get any better than teaching your kids at a young age about making healthy food choices, so they can grow to be BIG and STRONG!!!!  @P28BreadTruck  #‎P28Revolution

P28 Featured in June MuscleMag

P28 Featured again in MuscleMag’s June issue!
Check out this great article and why P28 was labeled a “Bread Winner”!

P28 Bagel Video Review – TeenDominator

Thanks so much to Tim for this awesome video review of our P28 Bagels!


P28 Bread Review: Healthy Stuff Reviews










Thanks so much to Amy for this amazing review of our P28 High Protein Bread!

This is such a detailed and informative review. It’s a MUST-READ!

Thanks again Amy! You ROCK!

P28 Video Review

Thanks to Kyle for this awesome video review of our P28 High Protein Bread & Bagels!

Protein Freak Review: Bread & Bagels

Check out this AMAZING review of our P28 High Protein Bread & Bagels! Thanks so much to the Protein Freak for this SICK VIDEO!

Product Review:

Thanks so much to Nicholas J. Huss at for this amazingly detailed review of our P28 Bread & Bagels!

To read this awesome review, just visit


Former MLB All-Star Kenny Lofton Supports P28

“Just had my P28 High Protein Bread….it’s awesome” – Kenny Lofton (6x MLB All-Star, 4x Gold Glove Winner) 

We are honored to hear that former Major League Baseball All-Star and Gold Glover, Kenny Lofton is now part of the P28 Nation!

Thanks to P28 Athlete Vida Guerra for getting P28 in the hands of former MLB great, Kenny Lofton!